Sustainability at CB-ONE

High standards and comfortable amenities are important to us. So is our planet. As much as we care about all aspects of first class guest house service, we care about people, our environment and animals. We are proud to share our social and environmental initiatives with you. And we would love you to support our efforts during your stay at CB-ONE.

What we do

Sustainability system and policies at CB-ONE

  • Solar panels for domestic hot water production using a heat pump as back up,
    all controlled by automated and a self regulating circulation system
  • Pool heating only through solar energy system
  • Modern Pellet ovens and/or wood burning fireplaces using latest technology (multifuoco system or natural convection) for consistant heat distribution
  • Energy saving LED lighting (with motion sensors where possible)
  • Water saving Hans Grohe taps and shower heads
  • Double glazed windows to reduce heatload on the building and to improve thermal insulation
  • Waste management and Recycling policy (on-site waste seperation: plastic, paper, glass and aluminum)
  • 90% organic products for housekeeping
  • We provide cruelty free, organic, fair trade and sustainable Charlotte Rhys amenities in our Suites
  • Our staff are all well-looked after as well as trained to follow our sustainability policies

How you can help

Your contribution to this is as important as our own efforts

  • Your towels and linen will be reused by you until you ask us to exchange them
  • You can help us recycling during your stay with us and dispose plastic, paper, glass and aluminum seperately from residual waste
  • Please use airconditioning and heating facilities always with windows and doors closed only
  • You might, if you want to, support charity programs and social projects. They will kindly be presented to you on request. You can choose from a range in connection with education in South Africa, Ocean Care Worldwide or Golf associated programs.